Since the year 2000, Win – Win (Asia) markets, sells and operates programs to unique places in the world.Win – Win (Asia) focuses both on inbound (travel into Thailand and Indochina), International (clients worldwide travel to ‘off-line destinations) and outbound (Asian clients traveling to Europe and the Americas) business in order to find the right economical balance in a fast changing world.

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Angkor Wat

The concept of Win – Win (Asia) is to combine unique destinations and programs whereby the experience will bring clients into the heart of the places they visit. Off the beaten track routes, exceptional overnight places, local influences, luxury and personalized services are the main ingredients with whatever the company organizes.Thailand and Southeast Asia remains one of the most potential growth markets for corporate meetings, incentives, exhibition and convention travel as well as leisure tourism. Both inbound as well as outbound

Since Thailand is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia and Bangkok as the hub for Indochina with direct flights to all major cities in Asia, the growth will be in this part of the world.

Asia as a whole will be the engine of growth for the future of the world economy and Thailand will greatly benefit as the business and leisure destination with the region. The future potential economic leaders of China and India are less than 5 hours flight away from Thailand. This in combination with the rich history, strong cultural roots, friendly people, Buddhism life philosophy, fantastic infrastructure and ‘flexible-as-bamboo’ business mentality, will make Thailand one of the centers of the world.

The estimated number of outbound travelers in the Asia Pacific region is 200 million in 2010. An estimated 80%  will travel to Asian destinations. Of the remaining 20% an estimated 30% will travel to Europe.

The trend is that 40% of all Asia Pacific outbound travelers will make their travel arrangements through the internet. De rest will make their arrangements by themselves or through travel agents.

Win – Win (Asia) Co. Ltd uses Bangkok as the base to organize and develop the travel industry and therefore considers to be situated in the heart of the spider web.

Bangkok as one of the most competitive and commercial active growing dynamic centers of the world offers a highly productive, affordable and efficient location for coordination of any kind of sales, marketing and operational activities.